The 20 Best Beaches in Vietnam

With over 3000 km of coastline, Vietnam has numerous breathtaking beaches. From North to South Vietnam, every region has its own beauty. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday, lazing on the beach or honeymooning with your partner, 20 of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam are certainly a good choice.

Best Beaches in Vietnam

Bai Sao beach – Phu Quoc island 

Phu Quoc is the most famous island in Vietnam. Among countless beaches on Phu Quoc, Bai Sao is the most beautiful. The sand at the beach Bai Sao is not golden like at the beach in Nha Trang or golden brown like at the beach in Vung Tau, but cream-coloured. Bai Sao is surrounded by mountains, it is very quiet and brings a fresh atmosphere to the tourists.

Bai Men beach – Nam Du (Phu Quoc)

Bai Men is the most beautiful beach on the island Nam Du. Snow-white fine sand, clear water and rows of green palm trees make this beach so attractive. Here you can also find a colourful coral reef with masses of fish species.

The Nam Du archipelago, about 40 kilometres from the island of Phu Quoc, is becoming an attractive destination for backpackers, located in the province of Kien Giang in the Mekong Delta. This unspoiled island has 21 islets, 11 of which are inhabited while the others remain untouched.

Bai Truong beach – Phu Quoc island 

Bai Truong is located southwest of Phu Quoc Island, along the Tran Hung Dao road. Bai Truong is one of the most beautiful beaches in Duong To. This beach is called Bai Truong because it stretches for about 20 km. Bai Truong is divided into small sections. There are palm trees, fishing villages in the surroundings. The beach offers a beautiful view at sunset.

Bai Dam Trau Beach – Con Dao Island 

Con Dao is also considered the jewel in Vietnam. The golden-yellow Dam-Trau beach, lined with virgin forest, is located near the airport and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Con Dao. Bai Dam Trau offers tourists an endless sandy beach and two restaurants with good food and free beach hats.

Trieu Duong Bay – Phu Quy Island

Island Phu Quy is almost unknown to tourists, located about 100 km from Mui Ne. Thanks to the extensive snow-white sand beach, crystal clear sea and shady pine forest, Trieu Duong Bay attracts many tourists. Afternoon is the best time for swimming in the bay.

Nuoc Ngot Beach – Binh Hung (Nha Trang)

Binh Hung is a remote island in Cam Ranh, considered the small Maldives in Vietnam. White, fine sand, clear water and rocks in unique shapes are attractions of this beach. Especially on the beach there are rocks in many shapes, colors and styles, which are extremely lively.

The people at the beach live mainly from fishing, especially from the cultivation of lobster. The house on the island is often close together and overlooks the sea. One impressive thing is that the streets around this island are very clean.

Bai Sa Huynh Beach – Binh Ba (Nha Trang)

Bai Sa Huynh is located on a small island. To reach this beach, you have to go by boat. The beach is beautiful with white sand, blue sea, comparable to other beaches in Europe.

Binh Ba island (Đảo Bình Ba) is a beautiful island not far from the mainland, about 20 km (13 miles), in Cam Ranh bay, Cam Binh district – Cam Ranh town – Khanh Hoa province, 60 km or 63 km from Nha Trang and 15 km from Cam Ranh airport.

The island is also known as Lobster Island (đảo Tôm Hùm) because this place is famous for big and tasty lobsters. Unlike its long known & tourist neighbours (Nha Trang, Mui Ne – Phan Thiet) the sea of Binh Ba is untouched with two long and beautiful beaches.

Dai Lanh Beach – Khanh Hoa

The beach Dai Lanh is located on the coast of the province Khanh Hoa. Since the tourist infrastructure here is not yet developed, the beach is unknown to tourists. But it is suitable for travellers who want to find peace and quiet. 

Khánh Hòa is a province of Vietnam on the coast of Central Vietnam. Its capital is Nha Trang. Khánh Hòa is the location of Bảo Đạis summer house, the Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang, the Institute of Oceanography, the Institute of Vaccines and Biological Substances and was the headquarters of the Special Forces of the US Army (“the Green Berets”) during the Vietnam War in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Tram Beach – Mui Dinh (Ninh Thuan province)

Mui Dinh (Ninh Thuan) with its crystal clear water delights the visitor for the first time. Since Mui Dinh is a small bay, the beach here is crescent shaped, the waves are stable and the water is clear as glass. On the beach you can laze around and enjoy the natural beauty.

Mon Beach – Phu Yen

The province of Phu Yen is located in South Central Vietnam. Bai Mon is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Yen. The beach is away from the tourist masses, but untouched with fine sand beach, jade green sea. West of the beach is a freshwater creek, which is particularly worth visiting.

Phú Yên is a coastal province on the south coast of Vietnam. It is the easternmost province of mainland Vietnam.

Bai Nom beach – Phu Yen

Bai Nom in Phu Yen is still an insider tip for tourists, newly discovered by backpackers. The untouched natural landscape and clean beach make this place so attractive. The beach is surrounded by rocky mountains and is completely secluded, away from tourism.

Ky Co Beach – Quy Nhon

The beach Ky Co is located on the island of Nhon Ly, 25 km from the city centre of Quy Nhon. Bai Ky Co is newly discovered and unknown by tourists. The color of the water, sand and sky makes the beach beautiful and picturesque. For many people Bai Ky Co is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Quy Nhơn is a coastal town in the province Bình Định in central Vietnam. Historically, the commercial activity of the town was focused on agriculture and fishing. In recent years, however, there has been a clear shift towards service industries and tourism. There is also an important production sector.

Beach on An Binh island (Ly Son island, Quang Ngai)

An Binh, also called Dao Be (small island), in the Ly Son archipelago is not so big, but has a poetic beach of white fine sand, cleared from rocks. There is no hotel or inn on the island. You can only stay overnight with the host family.

Bai Bac beach – Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An)

Bai Bac is located north of Cu Lao Cham. This area offers a newly discovered beautiful beach. Bai Bac is not as crowded as in the well-known Bai Ong at Cu Lao Cham.

The protected area Cu Lao Cham (Cù lao Chàm) in Vietnam consists of the partly overlapping nature reserve and the marine reserve Cu Lao Cham and includes a group of islands around the main island Hon Lao (Hòn Lao). 

The reserve is part of the province Quảng Nam and is located about 40 km from Hội An and 12 km from the mainland. It includes a group of islands with the main island Hòn Lao (1,317 ha) and seven smaller, uninhabited islands Hòn Khô mẹ (3 ha), Hòn Khô (8 ha), Hòn Lá (72 ha), Hòn Dài (61 ha), Hòn Mồ (11 ha), Hòn Tai (34 ha) and Hòn Ông (38 ha). With 517 m and 316 m the highest elevations of the area are on Hòn Lao. – wikipedia

Bai Nam on the Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Bai Nam is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang. Here the 4 star Son Tra Resort & Spa is being built. Bai Nam is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling.

Unlike other coastal areas in Da Nang, the Son Tra Peninsula has benefited from a protection order that has kept large resorts in check – only two currently exist (the Intercontinental and Son Tra Resort). This means that it remains a picturesque escape from the rapidly growing urban area of Da Nang.

Beach Lang Co – Hue

Hue is very famous for its cultural sites. Besides the Citadel in the Forbidden City, Imperial Tombs and many other sights, Hue also offers an unspoiled beach Lang Co. The best time for swimming at Lang Co beach is from April to July with the average temperature of 25 degrees.

Beach Nhat Le – Dong Hoi (Quang Binh)

The beach Nhat Le belongs to the province of Quang Binh, which is world famous for the karst caves in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Here you can find peace and quiet. Spectacular landscape, primitive beach and pine forests characterize the beach.

Beach Cat Dua II – Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha Bay is not as famous as Halong Bay, but also offers beautiful beaches. Cat Dua beach is located on Monkey Island, only 2 km from Cat Ba Island. This beach is suitable for families with children or couples who want a private space. Here you can stay at the Monkey Island Resort in bamboo bungalows.

Beach on the small Co-To-Island

Nobody lives on the small Co-To-Island, that’s why the beach here is away from mass tourism. Walking along the beach, gathering shells and watching the sunset are certainly unforgettable experiences.

Co To Island is located in the province Quang Ninh in North Vietnam. Co To Island is an archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin, including a large Co To Island, a small Co Islands, the island of Thanh Lam, Tran and countless islands and islets. Besides swimming, visitors travel there to visit natural forests, lighthouses, parks and memorial statues of Ho Chi Minh, a wharf, a fishing village, the bay, and natural rocks.

Beach Minh Chau – Quan Lan 

Minh Chau beach is located on Quan Lan island, off the tourist route. The beach attracts many beach holiday makers because of its extensive white sand beach, fresh air and unspoiled natural beauty.