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How Much Is A Visa To Vietnam?

Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country that is well-known around the globe for its scenic beauty and heroic history. A lot of tourists visit Vietnam for its culture, affordability, and remarkable experience. Check out more on the Visa costs involved to visit Vietnam.

Depending on which agency you choose, this is how much a visa to Vietnam costs:

Visa Type *Service Fee
Normal ProcessingUrgent ProcessingEmergency Processing
Single Entry with 1-month validityUSD 18USD 27USD 37
Single Entry with 3- month validityUSD 28USD 37USD 47
Multiple Entry with 1-month validityUSD 21USD 30 USD 40
Multiple Entry with 3-month validityUSD 43USD 52USD 62
Multiple Entry with 1- year validityUSD 50USD 60USD 70

24 countries in the world are exempted from visa compulsion to Vietnam (valid for a specific number of days). However, if you do not belong to those countries, then you will have to take a visa compulsory. Different ways to get a visa to Vietnam and their cost are mentioned below.

What are the ways to get a visa to Vietnam and its cost?

You can get a visa to Vietnam in three ways:

  1. e-Visa (online)
  2. e-Visa on Arrival
  3. Visa through Embassy

Cost of applying for E-Visa to Vietnam 

Vietnam Immigration Department offers e-Visa to foreigners entering the country. Vietnam launched its E-visa program in 2017, and as of July 2020, citizens of 80 countries are eligible for e-Visa. Vietnam e-Visa allows a single entry and is valid for only 30 days (dates are to be mentioned at the time of application). 

Before you apply for e-Visa, make sure that your nationality is permitted for it. The documentation and payment for e-visa are made totally online, and you won’t have to visit any Vietnamese embassy.

Make sure you have a valid passport and valid means of payment (credit card or debit card). 

The e-Visa process is affordable and doesn’t take much time. The government fee you will have to pay for e-Visa is 25 USD, and the time for the process is three business days.


  • The fee is not refundable if your visa application is rejected. 
  • No additional charge is to be paid on Arrival.
  • The above-mentioned cost is of the official government website. If you decide to make your work easier and use a private website, then they may add their own charges depending on the processing time you choose and the service they provide, and they will take care of your application.
  • To avoid any problems, always upload the right documents.

You can get an extension on 30 days e-Visa, but that can only be done by being in Vietnam. If you have e-Visa, there is no need for you to stand in on the arrival queue. You can show your visa directly at the immigration counter.

Cost of applying for E-Visa on Arrival to Vietnam 

Completing the whole process of visa online will allow you a single entry and will be valid for 30 days only. So, if you are planning for multiple entries and visa approval for more than 30 days, e-Visa on Arrival is a better option. Visa on Arrival will get you to Vietnam more quickly.

There are two types of fees included in Visa on Arrival – 

1. Visa Approval Fee

2. Visa Stamping Fee

For being eligible for a visa on Arrival, you will need a Letter of Approval. If you have a Vietnamese embassy nearby, you can get it done in person. If not, then there are many trusted travel agencies and trusted sites approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department that will give you a letter of approval for a fee. 

Visa Approval Fee/ Service Fee

This is the fee that you will pay for getting the Letter of Approval, which is required to get a visa stamp at the airport. Service fee varies on how fast you want your process to be finished.


  • Letter of Approval is the legal document that admits your entry in Vietnam. Without this, you won’t be eligible to get your passport stamped. 
  • If your application is not granted, some services might give you a refund.
  • Different sites will have different visa service fees.

The service fee is based on the type of processing.

  1. Normal Processing – applicants get visa in 1-2 working days
  2. Urgent Processing – applicants get the visa within 4-8 working hours
  3. Emergency Processing – applicants get the visa within 4 hours or less

Below given is the pricing based on the average of various sites.

*May vary based on the travel agency or online sites you select

  1. Visa Stamping Fee

This is the fee that you will have to pay in cash during your Arrival at any International Airport in Vietnam. The stamping fee is counted on the basis of the number of times you travel to and from Vietnam.


  • The stamping fee must be paid in cash. 
  • To be paid in US Dollar or Vietnamese Dong only.

The stamping fee is fixed by the Vietnamese Government. The Pricing table for Stamping Fee is given below:

DaysSingle / Multiple EntryPrice/person
For 30 daysSingle25 USD
For less than 90 daysSingle25 USD
From 30 days to less than 90Multiple50 USD
from 90 days to less than 180 daysMultiple50 USD
For one yearMultiple135 USD

*While calculating your price check both – Service Fee and Stamping Fee 

With the Letter of Approval, stamping fee in your pockets and other important documents, you are all set to travel to Vietnam. But don’t forget to get your passport stamped on Arrival.

Cost of Applying for Visa Through Embassy

If you are planning to apply for a Vietnam visa through Embassy, make a prior appointment at any nearby Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. The process of getting a visa approved by the Embassy can take from 7 – 10 working days. Consular visa is valid for up to 12 months. 

The application fee and validity of your visa in case of a Consular visa depend on the country you are applying from and also on the reason for your stay.

If you are far from the Embassy, the process can be done online too, but it is not the same as e-Visa.

To know about the exact price, reach out to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate through phone, mail, or in person.  

How Much will visa overstay costs?

In most countries, you will have to face the consequences if you overstay your visa, whether it is the United States or Vietnam. The charges you will face may vary from nothing to hundreds of dollars, and it depends on how much you overstayed, the reason, and also on the officer investigating you.

Overstaying for much longer can result in detainment, deportation and sometimes you might not be able to see this beautiful country again. So, it is advised to check your visa validity date as soon as you reach Vietnam.

How much will visa Extension Cost?

If you are in love with this country and want to extend your stay, it can be done by Visa Extension or Renewal. The process of Extension can take up to seven working days.

When you extend your visa, you are eligible for a longer stay without leaving the country. If you plan to extend your visa for one month, you must have a current visa of one or more months. Depending on your nationality, the extension cost may vary from USD 60 to USD 155.

To the extent the visa for three months, you must have a current visa of three or more months. The cost of extension can vary from USD 180 – USD 310, depending on your nationality.

How much will visa Renewal Cost?

Visa Renewal gives you a new visa stamp and a new duration for your stay. You can renew your visa as a one-month single entry or three months single or multiple entries. The cost of a visa renewal is between USD 200 to USD 350, depending on your nationality. To get accurate information, it is advised to contact the Vietnam Immigration Department in advance.