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Vietnam Visa on Arrival

The process for obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is relatively straightforward. It works the same way for every accepted citizenship. The application only takes minutes, and it can be done online.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam is a wonderful country that has many sights to enjoy. It has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years. There is a lot to explore in this magnificent country. The easing of travel regulations has made the visa process easy and reliable so you can take advantage of a visa on arrival.

Visa Process

The first thing to keep in mind is that applications can only be made online. After you enter your details, you will receive the visa within an email. It is crucial that you fill in the form correctly. Below, we will explain the steps that are involved with the entire process.

The form is very easy to fill in, and you can seek assistance from members of your family or friends. The form takes around 20 minutes to complete. Once it has been completed, it will be processed. The average processing time is around 3-5 working days. However, there are options for urgent processing which can reduce this time to 48 hours. If all is good, then you will receive the Vietnam visa in your email inbox. You must ensure that the correct email address has been entered. There will be no other way to receive the visa.

Once you have received the email, you must print out a physical document. This will be the document that will be presented to the immigration staff at the airport. The document cannot be presented on a smartphone or laptop. It must be handed in a physical copy. Additionally, you must also have two passport sized photos. All of this will be handed in with your stamping fee. This fee will have to be presented in cash.

The immigration staff will closely check of all these documents. The visa details must match the passport details. Once the fee has been paid, your passport will be stamped. You will then be free to explore the entire country of Vietnam.

Which Citizenships are Accepted

There are many citizenships that are eligible to apply for a visa. In fact, over 150 countries are accepted. This means that the majority of the world can easily get a visa to visit Vietnam. The following countries are fully accepted;

Albania Denmark Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Andorra, Dominica, Luxembourg, Romania, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Macedonia, Russia, Argentina, Ecuador, Malaysia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Australia, El Salvador, Malta, Saint Lucia, Austria,Estonia, Marshall Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bahamas,Finland, Mexico, San Marino, Barbados, France, Micronesia, Federated States of Serbia, Belarus, French Polynesia, Moldova, Singapore, Belgium, Georgia, Monaco, Slovakia, Belize, Germany, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bolivia, Gibraltar, Nauru,Solomon Islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Greenland, Netherlands, Antilles, Suriname, Brunei, Grenada, New Caledonia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Honduras, New Zealand, Switzerland, Burma, Hungary, Nicaragua, Thailand, Cambodia, Iceland, Norway, Tuvalu, Canada, Indonesia, Palau, Ukraine, Chile, Ireland, Panama, United Kingdom, Colombia, Italy, Paraguay, United States, Costa Rica, Japan, Peru, Uruguay, Croatia, Laos, Philippines, Vanuatu, Cuba, Latvia, Poland ,Vatican City, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Portugal, and Venezuela.

If you reside in any of the above countries, then you can easily apply for a visa. There are no restrictions for citizens of these countries. The application for a visa on arrival is exactly the same for all of these countries. These means you will not have to worry about providing any additional details. You can apply easily online. The application can be done in a few minutes, and you can have your Vietnam visa within days.

How Many Working Days Does it Take For The Vietnam Visa

The standard amount of time that a Visa application takes will depend on a range of factors. However, the average time is 3-5 days for processing to be completed. You will then have the visa emailed to you. You can also take advantage of rush processes which can reduce the processing time to 2 working days. The processing time through the embassy route is more unpredictable. Therefore, you should make your application within plenty of time if applying through this route. The processing times can vary depending upon the specific embassy or consulate based within your country. The extra time and the need to send your passport is a key reason why the evisa method is far more convenient.

Eligible Vietnamese Airports

Every international airport located within Vietnam accepts this visa for entry. This means you can choose any part of the country to enter and exit from. Virtually, every region has a fantastic international airport. All regions offer something different, and the climate can vary hugely based on which part of the country you are in. The following airports are covered, Noi Bai International Airport, Cat Bi International Airport , Da Nang International Airport , Cam Ranh International Airport, and Tan Son Nhat International Airport. All of these airports offer world class facilities, and they are used to handling international passengers everyday.

You should note that this visa does not cover land crossings or sea crossings. It can only be used for the airports stated above.

Entry Process

You will only gain entry to Vietnam if all of the information in your visa application is correct. It must correctly match up with the details in your passport. Even a small error or mispelling can result in an entry being denied. You should make sure that your passport is up to date, and has at least 6 months of validity remaining. If you followed all the instructions, then you should have no problem getting through the airport. Vietnam accepts many international passengers from all around the world daily. Their immigration process for tourists is fast and efficient, which makes it appealing for all visitors. You should remember that only cash payments are accepted at the airport. However, there will be various cash machines around all of the airports.

Additionally, children will also need to have a valid visa. The fee will be the same since there are no discounts for children. There is no official government service for visas. Any service that claims to be representing the government are making these claims falsely.  You can only apply through agencies. Some of these can be unreliable, and others can have long processing times. However, you can apply easily online and have your visa sent within days.

Vietnam Business Visas

Vietnam also provides visas exclusively for those who are conducting business within the country. Many international businesses have begun to outreach to Vietnam due to the numerous opportunities. The growing economy of Vietnam can provide interesting opportunities for your business. There are flexible Vietnam business visa which range from 1 month to 12 month stays. One month and three month stays with a single entry have a stamping fee of $25. The fee rises to $50 if multiple entries are required. For longer stays, there is also a 6 month visa with multiple entries. This has a stamping fee of $95. The advantage of applying for a Vietnam business visa is that there is no need for a sponsorship letter. You will not need to send any documents. There are many fantastic business opportunities in Vietnam for you to take advantage of.

Visa Extensions

Sometimes the initial length of your stay is just not enough. Luckily, Vietnam makes it easy to extend your stay. The maximum stay on a visa is 90 days. So that means a 30-day visa can be extended by 60 days and a 60-day visa can be extended by 30 days. The extensions will be charged based on the number of the days. The stamping fee for 30 day extensions is $40, and the stamping fee for 60 day extensions is $60. Additionally, you will also have to pay the agency fee which can vary depending on the location. This fee can only be paid in cash. You can apply for an extension in any part of the country. However, it is generally easier to apply in the city you arrived in. This makes it easier for agency staff to locate your details.

Vietnam Visa Through Consulate

The alternative method to applying online is to directly apply through the Vietnam embassy or consulate located in your country. This alternative is generally not recommended. It is far slower, and it can also be more expensive. The specific price will depend on your own embassy. You can contact them for more information and they will be happy to assist you. You can locate the consulate within your country by searching on Google. You will need to send them documents such as your passport. If you are applying for a business visa through consulate, then you will also need to send a sponsorship letter. If you do send documents to the consulate, we highly recommend taking out insurance. This will keep you covered in case anything goes missing. You can eliminate this risk completely by choosing the smoother visa option.

Things to Know About The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The socialist republic of Vietnam has a rich and diverse history. There is a lot of culture to take in, and many beautiful sights to behold. The country was split into two during certain periods of the last century. However, they have recovered well to form a unified country that continues to develop and excite visitors.  The country itself has a variety of landscapes and climates. Each region can be considered different. However, there are also certain rules and standards to abide by. There are many religious and traditional sites to visit. You should pay respect by wearing appropriate clothing at all times. The law can be very strict in Vietnam. This means that you should not carry drugs at any time. Even possession of a small amount can lead to considerable jail time.

Most travels to Vietnam are very safe, and there is little risk of running into trouble. However, you should be sure to carry photographic ID at all times. This will usually be your passport. You should also make sure that your vaccinations are up to date. Your physician can assist you with advising on any vaccinations. You must have these done around 8 weeks before your trip. Once you have checked everything off your list, the most important thing to worry about is your visa. You can rely upon a reputed agent for a fast and efficient service which provides you with your visa within days.

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