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How Much Is Stamping Cost For Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam is a perfect place to visit for nature lovers and history buffs. Getting to Vietnam is easy as it has good flight connectivity to and from many countries. Moreover, the process of getting a visa is not that difficult. 

Stamping fee is a cost that the Government of a country charges which once paid allows the travelers to enter that country. This payment can be made in cash at the Visa On Arrival counter of the international airports of that country. Here is how much the stamping fees costs:

SINGLE 1 monthUSD 25
SINGLE 3 monthsUSD 25
MULTIPLE 1 monthUSD 50
MULTIPLE 3 monthsUSD 50

What Are The Basic Requirements For Vietnam Visa?

Visa requirements for Vietnam can vary depending on which country you belong to. As of year 2020, Vietnam provides E-visas to 80 countries, while 24 countries do not require Visa to travel to Vietnam. 

You can also opt for a Visa On Arrival which has its own benefits and set of rules you need to follow. E-visa and visa on arrival both are reliable options, but if you need to get things done faster and want to have a hassle free visa process, then visa on arrival should be your choice. It costs comparatively lesser than e-visa and the process is also easier.

There are 3 steps to follow for the process of Visa On Arrival

  • Vietnam airports require a traveler to have an approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. So, you need to apply for the letter on Vietnam visa website or get it done through your travel agent and provide your e-mail id for issuance of the same.
  • It takes two business days to receive the approval letter through email. Once you receive it cross check whether the information you provided matches with the information on the letter to make sure if everything is correct
  • Make sure you have a hard copy of the approval letter and the other primary travel documents that you require.
  • When you arrive at Vietnam airport, present the approval letter with your photos on the Visa on Arrival counter.
  • Get your visa stamped by paying the stamping cost depending on the duration of your stay in Vietnam.

It is an easy process to obtain a Visa on arrival if you follow the aforementioned steps properly. But there are a few things about the cost of Visa On Arrival that people should be aware of when they travel to Vietnam.

What Is Stamping Fee?

Stamping fee is a cost that the Government of a country charges which once paid allows the travelers to enter that country. This payment can be made in cash at the Visa On Arrival counter of the international airports of that country.

What Is The Stamping Cost For Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

There are two types of fees that needs to be paid for Visa on Arrival

  • Approval letter fee which is to be paid online.
  • Visa stamping fee which is to be paid in cash at Vietnam airports.

Types Of Visas And Their Stamping Fee

SINGLE1 monthUSD 18USD 16USD 14USD 12USD 25
SINGLE3 monthsUSD 28USD 24USD 21USD 19USD 25
MULTIPLE3 monthsUSD 43USD 38USD 33USD 28USD 50

Prices are in standard US Dollar and will be converted to your country’s currency at the time of payment

Visa On Arrival Fee Per Person

SINGLE-ENTRY1 month validityUSD 18USD 25USD 27USD 37
SINGLE-ENTRY3 month validityUSD 28USD 25USD 37USD 47
MULTI-ENTRY1 month validityUSD 21USD 50USD 40USD 30
MULTI-ENTRY3 month validityUSD 43USD 50USD 52USD 62

Please make a note that stamping fee should be paid in cash in US dollars or Vietnamese Dong, no credit cards will be accepted.

Payment for approval letter can be made by credit card or debit card and also through PayPal or Amex. Approval letters can only be used for entry if you travel to Vietnam by air. Approval letters are invalid for any other mode of transportation to Vietnam.

Additional Information On Stamping Fee

  • After you have paid the stamping fee for your passport, your approval letter will be considered as official evidence for your entry to Vietnam by the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • The stamping fee is counted as the number of times you travel to and fro Vietnam and not the length of time you stay in Vietnam which is 1 month or 3 months.

Don’t Want To Pay The Stamp Fee? 

There is a type of visa known as “Super urgent Vietnam visa” which enables you to get the approval letter within one hour instead of waiting for 2-5 working days. This method is applicable in cases of emergencies and you can get your approval letter within 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or one working day which is 8 hours.

You can apply for this visa only on weekdays between 8 A.M to 5 P.M Vietnam time. It is advisable to apply for express visa before 10 A.M (Vietnam time) for the same day delivery otherwise you will receive the approval letter on the next day and without a hard copy approval letter you cannot board the flight.

How it works?

  • Go on the website
  • Fill out the application form with correct information.
  • Choose the option “the express service with 1 working hour.”
  • Pay the total fees.
  • Access the approval letter sent via email and carry a hard copy for the process of boarding and getting your visa stamped on arrival.

Total Fees For Super Urgent Vietnam Visa 

TOURISM VISA1 monthNO FEE(it is included in express fee)USD 230NO FEE( it is included in express fee)

The express fee of USD 230 is inclusive of application fee, stamp fee on arrival and support on arrival. This fee can be heavy on the pocket but it is just one time fee and will save you from the extra all the procedure at the time of arrival.

1 hour emergency visa is only applicable for a visa with 1 month validity. If you need to apply for a single or multiple entry for 3 months then you should go for the 4 hour express visa service or 1 business day (8 hours) express visa service options. In case you are in a rush you can go for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours of visa processing service which will cost you less since the extra fees for 8 hours service is just USD 15.


You can also get your entry visa for Vietnam at the Vietnam Embassy in your country. The processing time depends on how fast you want the visa. But on an average it takes five business days to get your visa depending on the type of visa you want; business, travel, or visit. This process is also fast and convenient for travelers.