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Vietnam Visa for Canadians

To get a Vietnam Visa for Canadians is very easy since all you have to do is apply online and you can have your visa emailed to within a few days. Apply online now for a Vietnam Visa for Canadians or read on for advice about the travel requirements and process for Canadian citizens and residents traveling to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa For Canadians

For many Canadians, a trip to Vietnam can seem very appealing. There is so much culture and so much natural beauty to take in. The recent ease in regulations means that it is very easy for Canadians to gain a visa to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa for Canadians

Canada is one of the countries that are fully accepted by the Vietnam visa program. This means that all citizens with a valid passport can easily apply for a visa. Many Canadians have already taken advantage of this to enjoy all of the wondrous sights that Vietnam has to offer. There are two main methods of attaining a visa. The first is applying for a visa on arrival. This is highly recommended, as it is easy to do and it doesn’t require any documents to be sent. Otherwise, you also have the option of applying directly through the Vietnam embassy located within Canada. We will explain both of these methods below.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Canadians

By far the easiest and convenient way for Canadians to attain a Visa to Vietnam is by applying for the Visa on Arrival. There are a number of key benefits to this process. The first benefit is that you only need to apply through one agency. There is no separate middleman or multiple forms to fill out. You don’t need to physically send a single thing. This means you don’t have to worry about your passport or any other documents getting lost in the mail. All you need to do is fill in the simple application, and then print out the visa once you receive it. You can then use this visa at any Vietnam international airport which gives you flexibility. You are not restricted to any specific area since there is an international airport in virtually every area of the country. You should note, however, that the visa is not applicable for any land or sea crossings.

Vietnam Visa For Canadians Fees

There are some important visa fees that you should take into account. The first is the agency fee. This is a fixed fee that you pay directly to the agency. You can be sure to get the most competitive price if you apply online. Additionally, you will need to pay a stamping fee once you have arrived at the airport. The current cost for a one-month single entry visa is $25 USD. This rises to $50 if you need multiple entries. You can also get a 3-month single entry visa for $25 and a 3-month multiple entry visa for $50 USD. You can only pay this fee in cash, as credit cards are not accepted.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Process For Canadians

The application itself is fairly straightforward for Canadians. But, you must make sure that you fill in everything on the application in the correct manner. The last thing anyone wants is to be rejected because of a mistake or a spelling error. You must make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the start of your journey. Additionally, all of the details from your passport must be the same as on your application. The immigration staff will closely check this at the airport. There are no physical documents to send or receive. You will simply need to fill in the online application, and then print out the visa once it has been emailed to you. You will also need two passport-sized photos of yourself. You will then present these alongside the visa to the immigration officer at the airport. The stamping fee will then need to be paid in cash, and you will gain entry to the country. Instead of wasting time with unreliable agencies, go for the best and most reputed online agency . You can get your visa emailed within 5 working days.

Vietnam Visa Through Embassy in Canada

If for whatever reason you are unable to apply online, then you do have the option of applying through the embassy. You can contact the Vietnam consulate in Canada for further advice. This method is more expensive, and it does take more time to receive your visa. Additionally, you will have to mail important documents such as your passport. For these reasons, we highly recommend applying through an agency.

Vietnam Business Visa for Canadians

The Vietnam government welcomes business visitors to their country. There are many opportunities for Canadian businesses. You can obtain a visa to conduct most types of business activities. The country is fast developing, and there are many business opportunities to take advantage of. The maximum amount of time for a business visa is 12 months. However, the length is flexible and there are 1-3 month visas available with the option of multiple entries. The prices of these business visas range from $25 – $135. These fees are paid at the airport, and you will also need to pay the initial fee directly to the agency.

Vietnam Visa Extensions For Canadians

It is not surprising to hear about a Canadian wanting to extend their visa once they arrive in the country. Luckily, Vietnam makes it simple for all Canadians to extend their stay. You simply need to find a local agency to extend your visa. You can stay for a maximum of 90 days. Therefore, you have the option of 30 or 60-day extensions depending on your original stay. The cost of a 30-day extension is $25 USD and the cost of a 60-day extension is $60. You must also take into account the fee you will pay directly to the agency. This can cost around $8-$20 USD depending on the agency. You can apply from any city, but we do recommend applying from an extension at the city you arrived in for a more streamlined process.

General Information about Vietnam

Vietnam is a stunning country that has many sights to take in. It has a rich history, and there are many ways that you can take in the culture. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, while the biggest city is Ho Chi Minh City. The climate can vary hugely depending on the specific region. The temperature tends to be hot in the plains and cooler in the mountainous regions. You should properly research the regions that you intend to visit, as the conditions can be considerably different. Every region can feel entirely different due to the different cultures and climates.

Vietnam Travel Advice for Canadians

In general, all Canadians should be aware of the strict drug laws. Even small amounts can carry jail sentences. If you enter any cultural or religious sites, you must wear appropriate clothing. In certain regions, there can be certain internet restrictions which block some social media networks. In general, however, Vietnam is a developing yet welcoming country. The local population welcome tourists, and they will be able to answer any questions that you have. Vietnam provides a fantastic cultural experience that will live long in the memory. You can easily explore all of the beauty this country has to offer by applying easily for a Vietnam visa online.

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