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What Type Of Visa Should I Apply For Children Going To Vietnam?

Vietnam is a majestic city filled with beautiful beaches, colonial trademarks, and crystal clear rivers. These dreamy qualities make the country of Vietnam a must-visit place when you’re traveling with kids. What better way to experience such a rich cultural diversity than with your family?

Irrespective of your children’s age, it is mandatory for them to get the same type of visa as their parents. However, there is a list of countries that benefit from short-period visa exemption. If that’s the case, your children can take advantage of a short stay at Vietnam visa-free.

Here are the details of the visa requirements you need to fulfill for your children to take this family trip.

What Type Of Visa Should I Apply For Children Going To Vietnam?

The list of countries are-

German 15 days
Finland 15 days
Italy  15 days
Russia 15 days
Denmark  15 days
Japan 15 days
France 15 days
Norway  15 days
Spain 15 days
United Kingdom 15 days
Russia 15 days
Philippines 21 days
Myanmar 14 days
Laos  30 days
Brunei 14 days
Indonesia 30 days
Singapore 30 days
Malaysia  30 days
Kyrgyzstan 30 days
Cambodia  30 days
Thailand  30 days 
Chile  90 days

*countries that have 15 days duration period in the above table have a list of other guidelines to follow to be an eligible candidate.

When Should I Apply For A Vietnam E-Visa For My Kids?

There are two broad categories for applying for a Vietnam visa for your kids. They are- below the age group of 14 and above the age group of 14. Before that, you need to check if your country is eligible for E-Visa.

Children below the age of 14 are included in their guardian’s or parent’s passport and do not require submitting separate E-Visa applications. Nevertheless, the parents shouldn’t fail to indicate that they are traveling with minors in their application forms.

This will omit any chances of visa rejection. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to pay the stamping fee because they are under their parent’s passports.

Children under the age of 14 and own a separate passport have to submit a separate E-Visa application. The parents are allowed to complete the visa application for them. Furthermore, the parents and the kids need to make sure that their passport should be valid for six months.

The 6-month validity period should start from their arrival in Vietnam. Moreover, kids above the age of 14 have to submit a separate E-Visa application form too. The visa fee is a total of 25 USD per form and is non-refundable. 

Can I Apply For A Visa On Arrival Type For My Kids?

Yes, this option is for children as well. However, according to the Vietnamese policies, only those traveling by air can benefit from it. This is a hassle-free way of obtaining a tourist visa for your kids. The entire process is the same as for adults.

Firstly, you need to full out the application form and service fees. The criteria for kids to apply for a visa on arrival is the same as the E-visa application. You need to fill out personal details about your kids, for example, name, DOB, passport number, nationality, etc. 

 Secondly, you need to print out the Vietnam visa approval letter for you and your kids. It should arrive on your emails in 2-3 working days. Make sure your kids have two recent passport-sized photos and carry them to the airport.  

Furthermore, you should sponsor their stamping fee, which is the same amount as the adults. The stamping fee will depend on the type of visa, for instance, a tourist visa, which usually the type for kids. Moreover, the amount also depends on the number of entries and exits in a particular frame of time.

A tourist visa and student visa are ideally the types of visas for kids. As other categories are too complicated, they will not fit in them.

Can I Go To The Embassy And Apply In-Person Visa Type For My Children?

Yes, this is also a viable option if you don’t want to apply for a visa online or at arrival. It is a traditional way of applying for a visa for both parents and kids. Moreover, this approach requires extra work and can be comparatively time-consuming.

You must call the embassy in advance and book an appointment. Furthermore, you can also ask them about the documents to bring and instructions that you may need to follow. You need to be patient when applying for a tourist visa for your kids at the embassy. This is because it takes time, effort, and frequent visits to the embassy to complete the process.

Here’s the directory of regional Vietnam consulate or embassy abroad. 

Ensure that you’re precisely clear on the documents you have to bring to avoid any further delay. It may take a few working days- but be assured that the visa application for your kids will be processed.

Furthermore, if your kids have a separate passport, they will be subject to pay the stamping fee.

What Is The Long Term Visa Funded By Parents?

It is a special type of visa, which is applicable only for Children. What’s unique about this visa is that, in this case, the child can apply for this visa is he/she has a Vietnamese parent. In addition, parents can sponsor their children’s stay in Vietnam.

There’s a Vietnamese law, which states that if the kid’s biological mother/father is Vietnamese- then they have a special stay right. The type of visa will then depend upon the duration of the stay. It can be both long term and short term.

The child has privileges of a Vietnam visa exemption or is qualified for a temporary residence card. This option is when the child and parent wish for a long-term stay. The child/children can apply for either a 5-year visa exemption or a 3-year residence card. 

If the child opts for a 5-year visa exemption, then he/she is obliged to leave the country every six months. Nevertheless, if the child chooses a 3-year residence card, then she/he can stay until it expires.

 Kids under the age of 18 can apply for a temporary residence card in two cases. First, their biological mother or father is Vietnamese by nationality. Second, their parent/parents hold a valid temporary residence card too. In the second case, the kid/kids have to checklist the following documents when applying for the card-

  • 4 recent passport-sized photographs
  • A diplomatic note signed by a valid authority
  • Authorized biography by legitimate authority in the kid’s permanent housing
  • Guarantee form from patrons permanently living in Vietnam. The Ward people’s council should authorize the given form. The patrons should submit a copy of their ID and housing registration.
  • A copy of the guardian’s identity proof.

For short-term stay, you should choose a visa on arrival or E-visa. You can also follow the methods mentioned above to obtain their short-term tourist visa.

Important Things To Remember While Applying For A Visa For Your Kids

  • Ensure that you accurately fill in personal information, for instance, full name, DOB, passport number, etc.
  • The photograph should be passport-sized and recent. The expression should be neutral, and you should take the picture without any glass wear.
  • The basic entry requirement for kids is the same as parents.
  • The E-visa only allows travelers (kids and parents) to visit Vietnam for tourism purposes.

These are some of the important things to keep in mind before you apply for a Vietnam visa for your child.