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Vietnam Visa Application Forms

Are you planning to apply for a Vietnam visa? You can get started by filling out the Visa Application form either online or physically.

Here is a direct link to download the Vietnam visa application form. Choose the type of Visa you want to apply for, fill out the correct details, stick a recent picture and pay for the Visa.

The Vietnam Visa Application Forms can also be filled out online here. It only takes a few minutes to fill them out and the visa costs approximately $10.

Vietnam Visa Application Forms

The details you will need to fill in the visa application form are:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Arrival date

You must have quite a few questions regarding the Visa process to visit this country. Below are the answers to common visa related queries asked by people.

What are the documents needed along with the visa application form?

There are numerous crucial documents that you’ll require to apply for the Visa. A legal passport with up to 6-month validity, two recent passport size photographs, application fee, and approval letter.

Please note that a temporary passport may be rejected. So, it’s better not to take a chance with one. Moreover, ensure that you take a photograph without any glass-wear.

What are the two ways in which you can apply for Vietnam Visa?

The first way is the conventional way of directly applying at the Embassy, and another way is getting your Visa on arrival. 

Furthermore, only travelers are allowed to apply for a visa on arrival. Moreover, they can fill out the application form online and pick up their fresh new Visa at Vietnam International airport itself.

Are you still confused about the entire procedure? You can learn about the comprehensive guide to Vietnam Visa application forms in this guide further.

Details about the Vietnam application

During the application process, the person can typically choose to obtain two Vietnam visa in two ways. Each of them contains a different application form structure. Moreover, the criteria to fill out the application also differs from person to person. 

The first step to procure the Visa is by filling out the Vietnam Application, also formerly called immigration entry and exit form. This form is available online, and along with this, you will have to fill out the entry and exit form.

It is hardly a time-consuming process as it takes around 5 minutes to completely fill out the form. You can already fill out this form by downloading it online. Moreover, you will need this and the approval letter to get the visa stamp.

How to download the Vietnam visa application form

Visit official websites online to get the Vietnam visa application form. Make sure you run a background check on the website. The website should be authentic and have accurate information. Once you are sure the website is legitimate, you can download and fill the secure visa application online.

You can also get in touch with various travel agencies, both online and offline, to guide you through the visa application process. Usually, there are a few charges to fill out the application form. 

Without the application form, you cannot get an approved visa letter. To make your job easier, here are some links to the websites that provide secure Vietnam visa application form.

Steps to follow to complete the visa application procedure

The applicants should have cash available as a stamping fee on your passport. It depends upon the number of times you’ve entered and exited the country under the passport validity time frame. The length of duration is irrelevant while counting your stamping fee.

You can also pay through other payout options such as credit card and debit cards. The other crucial document is your passport. It is pretty obvious that you need a stamped, valid, and approved passport to continue your International travel.

Here are a few other essentials:

Visa approval letter

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial the visa approval letter is. You can get it online by applying to the official Vietnam visa website or through your travel agent. 

It takes a minimum of 2-3 days to get the approval letter. You will receive it via email. It is issued by the Vietnam immigration office. The letter can also be pre-approved for the people opting for a visa on arrival.

A stamped passport

The last and final step to get your stay approved is by getting your passport stamped at the airport. Vietnam has three major international airports. You can arrive at any of the three, for instance, Day Nang airport, and present your document package. 

This package consists of your visa approval letter, and two 4×6 passport sized pictures, the immigration form ( explained below), service stamping few, and your valid passport. With all of these documents intact and approved, you’re just a tiny passport stamp away to enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

Instructions to fill out the Vietnam immigration entry and exit form

An important document to be filled before you enter Vietnam is the immigration form. It is another essential form besides the visa application form that you will fill in this procedure. You will receive it on the airplane, or you can find it in the landing lounge area of the airport. There will be a professional immigration officer present behind the counter who will guide to fill out the form. 

The primary details that one needs to fill out in entry and exit form in order are:

  • Name- In upper-case alphabets ( same as your passport)
  • DOB– Date of birth. The format is dd/mm/yy.
  • Sex- Male/female/others
  • Nationality- Your birth nationality and also your present nationality
  • Passport details- Four of the vital passport details- the passport number, date of expiration, and issue, who is the passport issued by, the type of passport (diplomatic/regular/official).
  • Professional details- Write what your profession is, the place of your current employment, and the employer’s number.
  • Address- Fill out your current address in detail (address from the country you’re visiting from) and the phone number.
  • Children– This is for people traveling with kids. They need to fill out personal details like name, relationship, and DOB for their children.
  • Purpose- State the purpose of your visit to Vietnam. It can range from educational to business purposes. Below, mention the details of the full name or address of the organization or the office, your relation with them, and the address of your family or friend contact while you stay in the country.
  • Duration– Refer to your passport and fill out the extent of your stay in Vietnam.
  • The number of entries and exits– It is single if you have entered and exited Vietnam only once during the visa validity period. Otherwise, it is multiple. 
  • The name of the airport- Write the name of the airport you arrived and depart from. 
  • Confirmation– It is one line swearing that the above information penned is entirely legit.
  • Done at– Write the date and the name of the airport when you arrived in Vietnam.

To give you a better understanding, here is a picture of the immigration entry and exit form.

Please note that if you don’t fill out the information accurately, the respective authorities may reject your form. Furthermore, you will need to fill another form. Carry passport size pictures and also an approved letter to submit your visa application form.