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Vietnam Visa for Singaporeans

It’s fast and easy to apply online for a Vietnam Visa For Singaporeans. The fastest way to get a Vietnam Visa For Singaporeans is to fill out an online application for a tourist visa which takes only a few minutes to fill.

Vietnam Visa for Singaporeans

Vietnam is a fantastic place for Singaporeans. It is fast becoming a top tourist destination due to its incredible culture and eye-catching scenery. You can easily visit Vietnam by attaining a visa.

Vietnam Visa Application Process For Singaporeans

The process for obtaining a visa is easy to follow for Singaporean citizens. You can apply directly through an agency or alternatively, you can apply through the Vietnam embassy in Singapore. We recommend the agency because you can do your application within minutes without needing to send any documents. You must be sure to have a valid passport that has at least 6 months remaining.  It is straightforward to fill in your application online.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival For Singaporeans

The best way to visit Vietnam for Singaporeans is by obtaining a visa on arrival. This is the best and easiest method for all Singapore citizens. You can apply directly through the agency. Additionally, you won’t need to send your passport or any physical documents. Once the application is completed, the visa is sent through an email. You simply print it out, and then had it out in the airport. The visa is acceptable for any Vietnam International airport.

However, it is not valid for sea or land crossings. You will pay a service fee to the agency, and then a stamping fee when you reach the airport. The stamping fee for a single one month entry is $25. For a 1 month multiple entry visa it is $50. 3 month single entry costs $25, and 3 months multiple entry costs $50.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Process For Singaporeans

The process of obtaining a Vietnam Visa on arrival is fairly straightforward for all Singapore citizens. But, you should make sure to pay full attention when completing the application. Even a seemingly minor mistake may get you rejected. Nobody wants to be turned away at immigration. Therefore, it is important to understand the process so you can complete the application in the correct manner.

Firstly, you have to understand that this visa can only be made online. Therefore, some understanding of technology is required. You can ask a family member or friend with assistance. The application process will ask you for an email address. You must ensure that you enter this address correctly, and also ensure that you have full access to this email address. The visa will only be sent to this email address, and there will be no other way to access it. The amount of time it takes to arrive can depend on a number of factors. However, it will usually be sent in 3-5 working days.

After you have printed out the approval letter, you must keep it safe.You must also have two passport sized photos of yourself. The letter and these photos will need to be presented at the airport. You must pay the stamping fee in cash. 

Vietnam Visa For Singaporeans Through The Embassy

An alternative option for Singaporean citizens is to apply through the embassy. This method takes longer, and it also requires the sending of important documents. The cost and processing time of this method will be higher. You will also need to send through your passport to the Singapore embassy. You can apply directly through this method, and you will eventually receive your visa. However, the added length of time means that you should apply with this method well before your intended holiday to Vietnam. The embassy are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter For Singaporeans

The most important aspect of your application will be the visa approval letter. This will be sent in email and you must print out a hard copy. All Singapore citizens must present this letter to immigration for their passport to be stamped. Alongside this letter, you must have two passport sized photos. You must keep this letter safe and with you at all times. It cannot be shown on a digital screen such a phone or laptop. It must be presented in a physical copy.

Vietnam Business Visa For Singaporeans

Many businessmen from Singapore go to Vietnam to conduct various business activities. The government of Vietnam welcomes this, and they therefore offer business visa. These visas are available for all Singapore citizens. All business activities such as meetings with Vietnam businesses are covered. There are business visas that start from 1 month all the way to 12 months. The stamping fee ranges from  $25 to $135. The fee will be collected by an immigration officer, and must be paid in cash when you arrive.

Vietnam Visa Extensions For Singaporeans

Once you have arrived in Vietnam, you may want to extend your stay. It is easy and simple for Singapore citizens to extend their visa while they are in the country. You have the choice of 60 or 90 day extensions depending on the length of your original visa. The fee for 30 day extensions is $25. The fee of 60 day extensions is $60. You will also need to pay the agency fee which is around $10. This must be paid in cash.

Vietnam Visa Online For Singaporeans

You will now have a much better understanding of how you can apply for your visa online. It is easy to apply, and it only takes a few minutes. You should be sure to use a reputed agent to ensure a speedy result in your application. Once you have the visa, you can start packing for your dream holiday to Vietnam.

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