The beach area of Mui Ne has many accommodations for all tastes. You could arrive without booking and end up finding one that meets your requirements. If you are looking for paradisiacal beaches, I warn you that the water is far from crystal clear and the sand is quite dirty.

Where To Stay in Mui Ne

Mui Ne Village

Mui Ne Village

It is the best option if you are looking to walk to most of the attractions. From Mui Ne village, you can go to Fairy Stream, Red Dunes, Red Canyon, and to the fishing area of Mui Ne walking. For the rest of the places you will need some other mode of transport but it is the most central option. There are restaurants and it is an area where you can breathe in the local life.

Phu Thuy

Phu Thuy

Phu Thuy is the most remote village from the tourist areas, 25km from Mui Ne, and 47km from the White Dunes. It has fewer hotels on offer but it is the ideal place if you are looking for an authentic and completely local area.

Beach area between Mui Ne and Phu Thuy

The whole coast between both towns is full of accommodation, many of them are resorts but there are also options for backpackers. It is a tourist area, with a lot of Russian people, but if you want to go alone to sleep or spend one of the days in the pool resting is a very good option.

Recommended Hotels

I’ll tell you more about the accommodations below but if you want to know more about what to see and visit in Mui Ne don’t forget to read it here.

Private room in Mui Ne Hills Backpackers

Mui Ne Hills Backpackers

Mui Ne Hills Backpackers was where we stayed, a practically new and very well equipped hotel. Very comfortable beds, large showers, and cleaning every other day.

The room cost us 236.000VND per night without breakfast, but the hotel complex has its own bar where you can have breakfast from 7-11 am for 50.000VND per person per day.

The hotel is part of a hotel complex, they have three other hotels right next to it Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel, Mui Ne Villa Hotel and Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel.

The advantage of the Backpackers is that it has the restaurant and the three swimming pools nearby while from the other hotels you have to walk to enjoy these services.

The disadvantage of the Backpackers is that every day they have a different party at night and the music from the bar can be heard from the rooms. It’s not that you can’t rest or sleep but it’s a factor to take into account if you’re looking for absolute relaxation.

In the same street as the hotel, there are several restaurants and tour operators where you can get good prices, the hotel itself also arranges excursions or any kind of bus or train tickets but they are somewhat more expensive than in the street. The hotel is not located on the beach, it’s inland just over a small hill which gives you a view of the sea from the restaurant and some rooms.

Diem Lien Guesthouse

Diem Lien Guesthouse

Diem Lien Guesthouse is a very good option, with a garden full of vegetation and completely renovated private rooms.

Van Nguyen Minihouse

Van Nguyen Minihouse

Van Nguyen Minihouse has a swimming pool and a “Deluxe” style at an affordable price.

Phu Thuy area

Khanh An Hotel

Khanh An Hotel is completely renovated and has great ratings from travelers. Breakfast is not included although they do offer it, at a somewhat expensive price.

Mai Lan Hotel

Mai Lan Hotel is a simple house but with everything you need at a very good price.

Beach area between Mui Né and Phu Thuy

Mui Ne Garden

Mui Ne Garden

Mui Ne Garden has shared and private rooms. With swimming pool and air conditioning it is located in a quiet street where you can enjoy the calm and the sun.

Mui Ne Victory Guesthouse

Mui Ne Victory Guesthouse does not have a swimming pool but has a garden, free parking, and a good atmosphere.

Whatever your final choice is do not hesitate to consult the guide about Mui Ne to make the most of your visit to this area of South Vietnam.